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" A Little Goes A Long Way".

There are so many ways to benefit and use Kay Vel Silk Press. Less go over the basics of hair density, which relates to the number of stands on one's head, understanding how thick or thin it is. There are various strand tests to consider about relaxed hair and the history of product type used. Meaning home relaxers verse professional relaxers and view the new growth and processed hair while considering the demarcation point and what steps to take for natural hair rejuvenation. The critical element is to focus on retaining natural moisture for proper hair growth with the rejuvenating stages.

When it comes to 4CHair, the density is thick; however, it contains 18% nature moisture; again, maintaining that moisture is critical! "Retaining that moisture is just as important as an awesome style." 4CHair is thick. It has natural moisture that needs to be naturally retained after shampoo & conditioning either wet setting, blow-drying or silk press application to your hair. If you or a client are experiencing moisture lost the day or two after using any particular product in your hair, which requires you to moisture, again and again, you have to question if the product is truly natural. Light products are good, but if they contain more fillers for volume than natural active ingredients, it can also be a problem. Those problems can cause long term shedding, thinning, and sometimes balding.

With the use of Kay Vel Products, the focus is also essential for reasonable growth assistance, moisture retention, hair rejuvenation, and fantastic styling.

Using our Silk Press or Creme Press products, the benefits are focused on and actively receiving the following:

· "Smokeless and Greaseless." Please note that if you are experiencing smoke when using, it is because of the other product used before or during the process of using our product. Clear any residue from other products from your styling equipment.

· "Naturally conditions the hair, rejuvenate naturally." Natural retention of moisture when applied after shampoo, condition, towel dry, or blow-drying of hair.

· " Leaves Coarse, 4CHair softer, easier to manage and style". This product was designed for natural hair or to extend the use with the use of relaxers.

· "Awesome for a blow-drying, flat iron, or Old School Pressing Comb." Whatever your process with using Kay Vel Silk Press or Crème Press, you will be happy with the results and the moisture retention and awesome hair styling.

· "Silk Press Hair Styles 20-40% faster." You will enjoy and benefit from doing hair faster, achieving the results with your hairstyling skills.

· "Lightweight, creamy oil base." Our Silk Press & Crème Press does not weigh your hair down, naturally formulated, Plant-based, Moni, Coco, Argon, blend of Soybean, Cottonseed, and Natural Essential Botanical ingredients.

· "Retain moisture after Shampoo & Conditioning." Once applying to hair through Wet-setting, blow-drying, silk press application, or before air-drying, Kay Vel Silk Press helps seal the hair's natural moisture.


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