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What company created the original “Crème Press”?

There are few companies whom use the name “Crème Press” in their line of products as a styling product, unfortunately they are far from the original “Crème Press”. The Kay Vel Crème Press is the original which was formulated by Spaulding B Settle, Sr. in 1947. In fact, there is no comparison between the other products in formulation, structure or benefits to women’s hair. Actually, the Kay Vel Crème Press name is derived from the cream texture of the product, the others have just adapted the name for misleading marketing. In addition, the Kay Vel Creme Press is formulated with parvre kosher ingredients with active hair benefits. Last, the functionality of Kay Vel Crème Press is to seal natural water moisture in the hair cuticle. This functional benefit allows the hair to rejuvenate itself naturally when transitioning off chemical relaxers without the Big Chop, mending or sealing split ends and prevent hair from poofing up or reverting back in high humidity or rainy days.

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