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Hair Breakage and natural means of mending existing flaws

Hair breakage is a huge problem women face for many years, compromising their hair follicles structure. There are many contributing factors resulting in breakage and many times hair lost. There are many related stress factors, ranging from various chemical treatments, extreme use of heat, UV exposure and at times mechanical means of various styling techniques. The rise of broken fibers and fray contributes to unsightly split ends, limiting the growth of long beautiful flowing hair. Many brands talk about the styling aspect of their products, but very few or if any talk about the health benefits. The functionality of Kay Vel Crème Press is to seal natural water moisture in the hair cuticle. This functional benefit allows the hair to rejuvenate itself naturally when transitioning off chemical relaxers without the Big Chop, mending or sealing split ends and prevent hair from poofing up or reverting back in high humidity or rainy days.

It is very important to always treat and care for your hair besides just considering styling techniques. There’s no problem with heat, there’s a problem with the amount of heat used. Only the professionals should style hair at higher levels of heat. After the introduction of various Blow-outs, the myth arise with the use of extreme heat for many products without benefits of care and treatment were introduced to the professionals as well as the consumers. A good rule of thumb, always focus on the health benefits of any product to ensure good growth and beautiful flowing hair.

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