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How much do I use of the Kay Vel Creme Press & Silk Press?

"A Little Goes A Long Way."

There are so many ways to benefit and use Kay Vel Creme Press & Silk Press. I will share some of the benefits.
Less go over the basics of hair density, which relates to the number of stands on one's head, understanding how thick or thin it is. There are various strand tests to consider about relaxed hair and the history of product type used. Meaning home relaxers verse professional relaxers and view the new growth and processed hair while considering the demarcation point and what steps to take for natural hair rejuvenation. The critical element is to focus on retaining natural moisture for proper hair growth with the rejuvenating stages.

When it comes to 4CHair, the density is thick; however, it contains 18% nature moisture; again, maintaining that moisture is critical! "Retaining that moisture is just as important as an awesome style." 4CHair is thick. It has natural moisture that needs to be naturally retained after shampoo & conditioning, either wet setting, blow-drying, or silk press application to your hair. If you or a client are experiencing moisture loss the day or two after using any particular product in your hair, which requires you to moisture, again and again, you have to question if the product is truly natural. Light products are good, but if they contain more fillers for volume than natural active ingredients, it can also be a problem. Those problems can cause long term shedding, thinning, and sometimes balding.


How can I use the Kay Vel Creme Press & Silk Press?

"After shampoo and conditioning the hair."

 1. Towel dry, then part hair in four quadrants. Apply a small dime shape amount to each quadrant before blow-drying hair. Remember, slow strokes wins the race! Note: the amount based on the hair texture, density, or ethnic group. When you use the blow-dry process, the Silk Press or Creme Press will help seal the moisture naturally. Next, you can then flat iron using a small amount for heat protection and styling. 

"Leave-in Conditioner"

2.  You can also use Silk Press or Creme Press before using various products as a leave-in conditioner before braiding hair to help seal natural moisture to hair after shampooing and conditioning hair. 

"Wet-Setting or Hydro-Stream Process"

3.   Last, you can use Silk Press for wet-setting or hydro-steam, or hot cap process. Remember, 4CHair would require some more amount of the product. Less amount when using Asian, European, or Indian clients' hair requires small amounts for a nice light sheen finish.


Can Kay Vel Creme Press & Silk Press be used on weaves, micro-links, and various extensions?

All Kay Vel Products are safe to use on all types of textures of hair and ethnic groups. Note: The amount used is based on the density and texture of hair. 

Hair density is the number of strands on your head; it determines how thick or thin it is. Look at your hair in its natural state to figure out the density and determine if you can see your scalp. You can also put your hair in a ponytail and measure the circumference; low density will be less than two inches, medium density is two to three inches, and high density will measure at least four inches.

African-Americans are known for having low density hair compared to other ethnicities such as Asians and Caucasians. Asian hair tends to have the thickest and coarse hair, but they also have fewer hair follicles on their scalp, while Caucasian hair can range anywhere from 100,000 - 150,000 strands throughout their head.

Not every African-American has low-density hair; some have high density, but learning what works for your hair is essential for those who don't. What exactly does low density mean? And how can we change it?

Low density means your hair strands are lower than the average amount of individual strands on your head. It also means easily seeing your scalp; therefore, it affects you from having thick and full hair. Having low-density hair can be challenging due to styling difficulties, not finding the right styling products, and not achieving fullness and voluminous hair. The Kay Vel Creme Press & Silk Press helps regain or rejuvenate your density levels. Unfortunately, because of the gluing process on scalps and some sew-in weaves, various types of extensions create serve damage, which is sometimes not repairable. Moisture is the key; retaining it and protecting it is key!

With low-density hair being fine and thin, some naturalists struggle to figure out ways to style their hair without causing shedding and baldness to their scalp. Fine hair indicates the individual strand's thickness/diameter, while thin hair describes the follicles' density.


Is Kay Vel Creme Press & Silk Press safe to use on children's Hair?

It is most definitely safe to use on children's hair, actually great to avoid using chemical products that can stunt their water content levels, which is vital for good growth.



Is Kay Vel Safe to use on Grey Hair?

Yes, it is safe to use on Grey Hair, no matter what your hair grade. The professional recommendation of staying in the 250-450 level of heat, lower for fine hair, and higher for 4C Hair texture. When using the Kay Vel Creme Press & Silk Press, you can work at lower levels than other products.


Does Kay Vel Products have a return policy or exchange policy?

We do; here at Kay Vel Products, we believe a happy customer is our best customer! However, we have no experienced returns from our customers. 



How long does shipping usually take?

Based on today's USPS, we are experiencing some shipping delays, and normally we ship priority mail.


How may I contact you?

Please feel free to contact us through our Contact Page. We love to hear from you with testimonials, before & after photos, videos, etc. We always want to partner up or promote our customers' business and share thoughts concerning the Hair Industry.


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