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The late Spaulding B. Settle, Sr. founder and original owner of Kay Vel Product Line and visionary is one of the first Black hair care manufacturers in the United States.  Spaulding Settle started out as a young man in the industry with Madam C.J. Walker who developed and designed the first straightening comb.

Later, Spaulding Settle, Sr marketed Murray's Pomade which is sold internationally today.  Mr. Settle received his inspiration from Madam CJ Walker’s invention and the introduction of the Pressing Comb.  The professional hairdressers were experiencing poor working environments which negatively impacted their health, as a result of using inferior pressing oils and generic press products. Some of these same products are still on the market today.

Murray Pomade Truck
Natural Moisture Repellant Hair Styles

 In the mid-1940's Spaulding Settle Sr. developed the original Kay Vel  Creme Press to benefit both Cosmetologists and their clients for business and personal use.  The Kay Vel Crème Press was safe, smokeless & greaseless and a natural hair conditioning agent against damaged over-processed hair.  Kay Vel crème Press can be used with less heat than all the generic pressing oils.  The cosmetologist clients experienced a true rejuvenation of their hair and lustrous hairstyles which retained a high sheen yet remain greaseless.

In 1989 Spaulding Settle, Sr. passed which resulted in the passing of his dream and vision.  His son Kenneth settle inherited Kay Vel Products and the opportunity to once again regenerate his father Spaulding Settle, Sr's dream and vision which he also shared as his own.




Kenneth Settle Sr. refused to let his late father’s product design, business dream and vision die. Kenneth Settle continued working towards his dream and vision to continue the Kay Vel Product Line to the current market area.   Kenneth Settle moved operations from New Jersey to Maryland and presently located in Gastonia, NC where the Kay Vel Product line is manufactured onsite & distributed from warehouse facility, once again available to a loyal market of customers keeping the original product formulation. 


Kenneth Settle | Kay Vel

The last form of advertisement of the Kay Vel Product was in the below 1965 Ebony Ad, since then it has been word of mouth for over forty years.  In addition, we have experienced other companies unsuccessfully trying to duplicate the Kay Vel Creme Press.  We are happy and proud to say there’s only one Crème Press and that is Kay Vel Crème Press.



Today at KAY VEL PRODUCTS LLC, we focus on serving today’s market with the original natural approach to straighten or curling hair with the Kay Vel Product Line.  With Kay Vel Creme Press a customer can use a medium heated styling flat iron, pressing comb or blow dryer to get the soft, manageable, straight hairstyle without the use of the harsh chemical products.  They can style their hair in the many desired styles of choice.  In addition, with the Kay Vel Curl Wave, a customer can use a curling iron to curl their hair resulting in a moisture repellent hairstyle.  They can both style & condition their hair naturally and safe.   Kay Vel Products were for many years known as the cosmetologist secret and many times women would go to have their hair styled & the cosmetologist would cover the jar so no one would know their secret to soft luxurious hairstyles.

Kay Vel Products LLC manufacture and distribute Kay Vel Products to both the professional and emerging consumer markets in the U.S. and global markets.  Kay Vel Products LLC is preparing to launch a consumer line to the Latino Global Market


Spaulding B Settle, Sr.

Kay Vel Legacy

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