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"Moisture retention with our Silk Press or Creme Press."

"Leaves 4CHair softer, more comfortable to manage and style."

"Silk Press Hair Styles 20-40% faster."

"Lightweight, natural botanical oil base"

"Natural Silk Press"
"Smokeless & Greaseless"
"Hair will not revert back on those high humidity days"
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The late Mr. & Mrs. Spaulding B. Settle, Sr. founders and original owner of Kay Vel Product Line and visionary as one of the first Black Hair Care manufacturers in the United States.  Spaulding Settle started as a young man in the industry with Madam C.J. Walker, who developed and designed the first straightening comb.

Kenneth Settle, Jr

Sean Rice

Dana Calloway

Al Nasir Allah

Kay Vel Natural Benefits

Soybean saponins work as an antioxidant, to clear the free radicals in our body.
Monoi de Tahiti Carrier Oil applied to the scalp will encourage healthy hair growth, and when rubbed.
Cottonseed Strengthen the hair strands and roots, therapeutically promoting healthy growth.

The Kay Vel Silk Press and Creme Press consist of Natural Soy protein is the natural substitute for animal-based product ingredients because soy offers a 'complete' protein profile. Well-hydrated hair is a must when it comes to keeping the hair healthy. Moisturizer for combination elasticity in hair helps get rid of dry, brittle texture and many so-called synthetically natural ingredients marketed as all-natural products. Soybeans contain vitamin E to help to be used for smooth, soft, and shiny hair naturally. 

Moni & Coco are light moisturizers with deep conditioning that promotes hair growth by keeping hair healthy and preventing breakage, dry scalp treatment, healthy moisturized, and free of flakes. Keeps hair follicles healthy and unclogged for hair growth. 

Hair needs elasticity, moisture, strength, and ceramides fit nicely in the strength category even though they are not proteins. With a relatively high concentration of ceramides, women with chemically damaged hair seek after cottonseed oil. The ceramides help keep the cuticle flat, strengthening the hair, and because they help keep the cuticle flat, they enhance the hair to become shinier and smoother. 



Creme Press & Silk Press is an Organically Natural Hair Product, styling while nurturing your hair in the process. It is naturally light, creamy texture, natural deep hair moisture treatment, promote hair growth, natural leave-in hair conditioner, protecting the hair from the damaging effects of the excessive heat of Flat Iron, Blow Dry, Pressing Comb and when doing Silk-blowouts. Natural moisturizing with natural essential oils used to naturally silk out hairstyles. Kay Vel has been professionally used as a therapeutic hair repair intensive moisture treatment since 1947. Awesome to Silk blowout or Press & Curl on 4C natural hair! Can be used as daily hairstyling using flat iron, silk blowout, pressing comb with providing natural moisture to your hair. It will not stain or discolor gray or color-treated hair. The best natural press and curl silk out with natural hair hydration therapy while styling hair. 

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